Friday, May 16, 2008

Mousehole Tea and Gift Cafe

Clarice and Suzette drank their tea out of silver thimbles at the Mousehole Tea and Gift Cafe. Clarice picked up a cookie and leaned over to whisper into Suzette's ear. "Have you heard that Mary Mouse down on Hobbington Lane has a giant cauldron in her backyard where she brews her potions." Suzette gasped. "Oh my dear no, that's terrible. I don't even let my kidlets play over there."
"Well I don't blame you," said Clarice. "They could get some sort of hexamadoodle."
"I wonder if that's how they got the chicken pox last summer," said Suzette.
"I wouldn't be a bit surprised," said Clarice as she stirred her tea with a cinnamon stick.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Marigold Mouse stormed into the house and threw her book bag into the corner. She dropped her jacket on the stairs. She dumped her sack lunch on the kitchen counter, stalked to her bedroom and slammed the door.

"Marigold dear, is that you?" asked Mary Mouse.

She was answered by the sound of loud music coming down the stairs.
'I guess that's a yes,' she said to herself.
She got up to put her teacup with the little rosebuds on it into the sink. She picked up the putrid lunch sack and pitched it into the trash a foot away. She sprayed some Spot-B-Gone on the stain and rubbed it clean with a dishrag.
Then she went to put her outdoor shoes on so she could meet the kids at their bus stop. She saw Marigold's junk strewn across what had been a clean room and sighed.
'Well, I was no better at that age," she thought.

She went out the backdoor and down the garden path to head off the bus before it whipped by. It actually passed her house twice, but if she could catch it on the first go round, the kids got home twenty minutes sooner.
She passed the fairy house and noted that they were not home at the moment. Then again with fairies you never knew. They were invisible much of the time. Just in case she smiled and waved in their general direction. They could be so touchy if they thought you were being rude to them.

She ducked through the moon gate and out into the back road just in time to see the bus turning the corner half a mile down the road away from her. Cleaning up after Marigold had thrown her off schedule and now she had missed the bus.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And so it begins

Mary Mouse came back from the store with the current issue of Good Mousekeeping in the top of her totebag. She set the groceries on the round table made from a wooden spool that had once held sewing thread and took off her little yellow pumps. She put on her fluffy bunny slippers and hummed a little tune as she put the cold things in the fridge. She had about twenty minutes before Bernice and Scott came home on the schoolbus. She poured herself a cup of licorice tea and sat in her overstuffed chair made from wicker and cottonballs. 'Ah this is the life.'