Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Ratboys Play Pool

Murph took his next shot at the pool table.  Wednesday night was always pool night for him and the Ratboys. And his favorite pool hall was the Catgut Bar and Grill. Fat Harry was guzzly some whiskey at the bar.  He grunted when Murph dropped the red ball in the corner pocket. Fat Harry hadn't won a game of pool against Murph in two years and Murph was bored. He twitched his whiskers, leaned over, and hit the blue ball into the side pocket. He was lucky Fat Harry could join him at all, what with his wife just having another litter of ratlings. Their names all started with H too.  Harriet, Hillary, Howie, Hortense, Hammy, Hector and Hemlock. His wife Honey always nagged him to stay home and help out. Evidentally even rats could be henpecked.

Murph soon had all the balls in the pocket.  He'd beat Fat Harry so many times, he'd lost count, so no one counted anymore.