Friday, May 16, 2008

Mousehole Tea and Gift Cafe

Clarice and Suzette drank their tea out of silver thimbles at the Mousehole Tea and Gift Cafe. Clarice picked up a cookie and leaned over to whisper into Suzette's ear. "Have you heard that Mary Mouse down on Hobbington Lane has a giant cauldron in her backyard where she brews her potions." Suzette gasped. "Oh my dear no, that's terrible. I don't even let my kidlets play over there."
"Well I don't blame you," said Clarice. "They could get some sort of hexamadoodle."
"I wonder if that's how they got the chicken pox last summer," said Suzette.
"I wouldn't be a bit surprised," said Clarice as she stirred her tea with a cinnamon stick.

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